Our Team

Providing Individual, Couples and Family Counseling

The team at Alliance For Personal Change understands that everyone has a different road to travel and we embrace the path that brings you here. Learn more about our background so you can better select the right therapist for you.

Florije Jusufi, LCSW

Florije is a licensed clinical social worker who provides treatment for individuals ages 12 and older, couples, and families. With over 30 years of experience in the mental health industry, Florije brings a wealth of experience that is uniquely applied to each individual. Her educational training includes an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign followed by a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago. Additionally, she holds an Associate degree in Applied Science with a specialty in substance abuse and other addictive disorders. In addition to addictions, other specialties include working with mood disorders,anxiety,stress management,life transitions,and women’s issues. Florije’s clinical modality is a combination of CBT, solution focused therapy, DBT and strength based therapy. Florije’s early training in inpatient care at a local behavioral health center along with working in a variety of outpatient settings, including being a coordinator for adolescent services in a partial hospitalization program and a case manager in an outpatient addictions program, has provided her with a skill set that allows for a comprehensive assessment of needs of the individual or family. This then allows for a very customized treatment plan that addresses presenting issues bringing the individual to therapy and also allows for evolution towards working on additional goals for further growth. Florije’s passion is to work with the individual to create a vision of where they want to be and to accompany the individual on a practical path of how to get there. Often this work is facilitated by assessing the impact of the system within which the individual is operating in and how the effects are being experienced.

Hira Rehman-Ashraf, LCSW

Hira is a licensed clinical social worker who works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families presenting with various issues. She creates a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment in which her clients can feel free to be themselves and receive the support needed to reach their goals. She believes strongly in starting where the client is and helping them to identify their challenges. Her work includes treatment of substance abuse, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and self-injury. Hira received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Applied Psychology and Criminology, Law, and Justice. Hira graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with her master’s in Social Work with a concentration in mental health. She interned in the Center for Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders at AMITA Alexian Brother’s Behavioral Health Hospital. Hira then took a position in the Center for Self-Injury Recovery Services followed by the Center for Addiction Medicine. Hira is trained in exposure and response prevention (ERP), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). She is a compassionate and empathic therapist applying the knowledge and experience she has gained throughout her educational and professional life to helping her patients overcome the challenges they experience.

Vicki Homola, LCSW, MSW

Vicki works with adults providing individual and group psychotherapy. Using a supportive and interactive approach, she works with clients to identify their strengths, learn healthy coping skills and work through emotions and roadblocks that inhibit them from reaching their goals or moving forward in their lives.

Her specialties include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, stress, transitions, grief, loss, dual diagnosis and managing emotions. She is also experienced working with clients with substance abuse issues. Whether someone has a specific mental health diagnosis or simply wants support or guidance in setting goals and making or managing life changes, she strives to provide a safe environment to empower them to create the life they want.

Vicki’s extensive experience includes working in outpatient and inpatient treatment settings, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, as well as, EAP settings. This background has provided an understanding and appreciation of the strength of the human spirit and the ability of people to make positive changes. The journey of psychotherapy or counseling begins with the desire for someone to want something different. The next step is yours.

Kate Rhodes, LCPC

Kate graduated from National Louis University with her MS in Community Counseling. Prior to entering the counseling field, Kate was an early childhood educator for seven years; her experience there left her with a passion for working with children and helping others. Her background in early education provided a great foundation for working with the entire family.

Kate works with individuals and families who are ready and focused on creating the lives and relationships they desire. She helps her clients move through the healing process while improving family relations & promoting health & wellness in their individual lives. She is a compassionate and professional advocate for individual’s needs with a gentle, empathic approach to counseling. By prioritizing the client-counselor relationship and building a personal connection with each individual, Kate provides a safe, accepting and respectful environment designed to empower clients and encourage personal growth. Her approach to therapy is collaborative and sessions are tailored to best fit the needs of the individual.

Kate utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach that includes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Art and Expressive therapies and
Mindfulness. Kate specializes in helping individuals & families deal with a multitude of emotional or behavioral issues. Specific areas include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, relationship issues and other lifespan issues & adjustment disorders. Kate is dedicated to fostering resiliency in her clients. This is accomplished by helping individuals face the ever-changing world ahead by building confidence in themselves and their decision making skills and instilling a sense of security and connection within the individual and family unit.

– Providing telehealth services only at this time.

Patrick Gunderson, Ph.D.
Independent Contractor

Patrick provides treatment for adolescents and young adults. Hiss approach to therapy is supportive, creative, and emotionally stimulating. He believes it is important to provide a safe environment where clients can challenge themselves and face discomforts. Having extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral, Family Systems, and Exposure/Response Prevention, he predominantly utilizes an eclectic and integrative approach when working with clients.

Patrick specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He utilizes exposure-based interventions, which are designed to help clients confront fears and extinguish avoidance behaviors. This involves working with clients to perform tasks and discuss matters that are beyond their comfort zones to promote learning and tolerance. Patrick is particularly skilled in trauma resolution.

Patrick also works extensively with people in the LGBTQ+ community as both a therapist and ally, helping my clients to build self-assurance and resolve gender dysphoria. He believes it is important to feel supported, accepted, and comfortable with your identity and body.